Sunday, 20 January 2013

New Baby Classes like Never Before! 54.00 for 6 classes and ongoing terms

Just as a new baby has arrived in the area, a new baby class has arrive in Wallingford and Oxford for yoga babes, mums and their chums. It’s called Daisy Baby! And it’s sweeping the nation with it’s soothing and gentle strokes!

If you’re the type of mum who likes a little bit of everything and who likes to have her cake and eat it, then this is the baby class for you.  It’s the class your baby really wants to go to because unlike any other baby class it caters for all their development needs, and let’s not forget your needs, we value those too! Let your baby be a Daisy Baby and see them grow into your happy, healthy little one! (And yes there is actually free cake included, so you do get everything you want and more from a Daisy Baby class). Oh, and no need to feel guilty on the cake because the class helps your tummy flatten back again, in time for another baby!
Too good to be true? No! And it’s  actually on your doorstep!  Because Daisy Baby classes can come to you.

Introducing Daisy Baby - No other class offers such a comprehensive wellbeing programme in this area for mum and baby, from 6 weeks to crawling.

Expect active-bonding that utilises movement, breathing and relaxation for a positive and confident parenting experience.  Expect a massage routine for your all child's health needs, with baby reflexology too.  Expect a sensory journey of tunes, sounds and words.  Each weekly class involves positive touch, yoga style stretches, white noise, music, beats, words and rhythm.  So no, it’s not your average baby yoga massage class at all!

Daisy Baby merges traditional baby bonding techniques and provides a classroom environment which is sympathetic to the needs of mum and baby.  A Daisy Baby teacher empowers mum and baby.  Classes are baby-led, supporting baby’s needs, not fighting against them.   Nothing is too challenging.   Daisy Baby classes offer time to watch, study and become aware of baby’s language so that we can understand their needs by creating timely and appropriate responses.  Better responses means less frustrating parenting.   We avoid rigid mat work styles and instead of laying baby on their back all of the time, we attune to baby, and observe and learn baby’s visual and auditory cues that tell us when they need to be held, cuddled, moved or have a need for containment. We avoid overload. We never force, always move with the body and respect resistance. We never over stimulate infants and have alternatives for baby if they are reluctant to join in.  We never have the pressure of over lengthy massage segments.  No need to remove baby’s clothes! And mummy never feels left out, lonely, inadequate or a failure. There’s always a way of joining in. We raise self-esteem. 

Dr Harvey Karp (author of The Happiest Baby on the Block) once said: It’s intuitive to want to calm your baby; it’s not intuitive to know how.  Daisy Baby teachers know what calms a baby and the Daisy Baby class introduces parents to the simple steps of how to switch on the calming button, like an off switch for crying!

Traditional classes focus on the physical causes of common ailments and conditions such as colic, reflux, sleep and intolerance, whereas Daisy Baby focus on the emotional causes too to bring about therapeutic benefits. Daisy Baby provides coping holds, strokes and techniques for challenging times. No other class offers a release for a baby with flat head (torticulis). Daisy Baby classes show you moves to free any possible neck tightness which could restrict baby from turning at the neck.

Attending the Daisy Baby classes help to aid and develop attachment with baby and help alleviate post natal depression.  The classes can help with brain development and weight gain including premature babies. We strengthen the digestive system and nervous system, improve skin condition and circulation.  The touching techniques improves muscle tone, bone growth and respiration to name but a few.  Our strokes help to wire the synapses of the brain, aid communication and enhance feel-good hormones.  Mum feels better too! 

Daisy Baby techniques deepens and regulates the breathing and increases the level of oxygen in the blood stream, which leads to deeper sleep and is great for fussy babies!  

By allowing baby to enjoy movement and exercise during the first few months of life, Daisy Baby classes help to integrate primitive reflexes displayed during the fourth trimester to assist the development of balance, posture, voluntary movement, visual functioning and perceptual skills.  For example after time, the Daisy Baby classes gradually see the Moro (Startle) reflex disperse, which is why we pride ourselves in growing happy babies. 

The quality time out together in a Daisy Baby class provides:

·         time for mum and baby to move with soft stretches

·         baby massage which provides astonishing emotional and developmental benefits

·         positive touch for mum and baby which provides wellbeing for mum and baby

·         mother to mother support to share positive and negative feelings and reassurance that baby is normal with a forum for keeping in touch

·         an environment designed to help mums ease into understanding their baby, get to know their baby and feel confident in handling them

·         lots of repetition so mums can digest the knowledge and carry on beneficial techniques at home

·         vital education on the calming reflex and how to switch it on

·         vital vestibular stimulation for baby

·         familiarity of routine, ritual and recognised exercises when everything else seems unfamiliar

·         a safe haven  of familiarity and continuity of care

·         an opportunity to relax and learn how to relax

·         a chance to let go of fears and celebrate mummyhood

·         postnatal exercises so mum can reconnect with tummy,  tone her abdomen, work core stability and help core strength

·         a time to rest - the relaxation time allows mum to feel good and proud about her body and her role as a mum

·         a spiral of joy where a happy mum creates a happy response from baby, creates a happy mum and the spiral of joy continues

·         a time to laugh and have fun

·         a chance for mums and babies to release happy hormones and relaxants to promote a restful after class sleep!

What’s more, the Daisy Baby term is inexpensive - only 54.00 for 6 consecutive weekly classes, cheaper than others in the area. 

Now that you realise that Daisy Baby is the all-encompassing class for you and baby, reserve your space by emailing or call Sue on 07799411994.


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