Please write a review here or make a recommendation for others. Perhaps you have had a fabulous therapeutic treatment and can feel the benefits or perhaps you have attended some natural birth classes taught by me or your baby loves the baby yoga massage class I run...feel free to share too via twitter, email, your own blog and facebook.  Thanks for your support, Sue Evans, your local holistic therapist and birth&baby mentor ;) 07799411994

Whilst visiting my family they booked Sue for my first ever massage and although I felt a fit 68 year-old I didn't realise how much stress my body contained. After the massage, I could actually move my neck without the 'crunching' noise and pain and it has been good ever since. I now feel a 'rejuvenated teenage' and would highly recommend Sue. Alan Stevens, Essex
Sue has a truly magical touch. An hour in her hands leaves me completely relaxed and ready to face the world. I eagerly await her weekly massage appointments. Neelam Khola, Oxford

It was the first time I have had reflexology. It was amazing very interesting and I feel like I'm walking on air now. Infact I felt like I was flying during the session! Emma Butler, Didcot.

A fantastic hot stones massage left me feeling happy, stress-free and relaxed about life. Peter, Wallingford

Thank you Sue for such an empowering treatment. Perfect technique with just the right degree of pressure. Very nurturing. Hannah, Aylesbury.

I have been seeing Sue for just over a year now as a receiver of her beautiful, calming energy. My main treatment of choice is Reflexology and on a monthly basis this treatment keeps me balanced, grounded and more able to cope with the stresses and strains of daily life! Sue has also added crystals and Reiki to enhance treatments which generates a lovely warm heat. Relexology with Sue leave my legs tingling and I feel serene and calm. Sometimes I feel sleepy in a nice way and sometimes energised but always better for the treatments. I am now hoping to become a mum and Sue is using her experience and 'gifts' to help me. Becky, Wallingford.

My autistic son Matty has been receiving reflexology from Sue since June 2011. He enjoys the calm atmosphere and usually falls asleep during his session. He is always happy and excited to visit Sue and always leaves feeling calm and chilled. Thanks, Hilary, Punter, Brightwell.

Sue always eases the aches away. Her Indian head massage took away all the tension that's been building up and I can't believe all the stiffness has gone in my neck and shoulders. Caroline, Oxford.

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