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DAISY BABY CLASSES ARE HERE! 54,00 for 6 classes. Regular terms.

Learn how to use holds, baby massage, baby reflexology and baby yoga to soothe and stimulate baby

Learn massage and yoga based techniques to help with colic, flat head, reflu...x and other common ailments

Understand the calming button (every baby has one) and how to swtich it on with a sSSSSSSSSHHHHH

Use movement sequences to help you feel great postnatally and reclaim your tummy

Daisy Baby (Tinies) -  baby calming, yoga and Massage (plus something for you too!)

Is this the right Baby Programme for You?

If you want to find a programme which is designed to benefit you and your baby, will help calm them and you, and provides informative 'mother to mother' hints and tips to help you make the most of the first 4-6 months with your baby, this is the right baby class for you!

If you want to be guided through a lyrical journey of calming music, white noise, babbling brooks, gentle wind chimes, gurgling babies and beautiful relaxtion music, this is the right baby class for you!

If you want to learn soothing baby massage, baby reflexology and baby yoga routines, this is the baby class to choose!

If you are struggling with Colic, Reflux, periods of inconsolable crying, problems getting baby to sleep alone or on their back .... like so many mums, this is the baby class to choose!

If your baby is between the age of 6 weeks and 20 weeks (at the time of starting classes) and you want to find ways of spending quality time together, learning baby yoga , positive touch, meeting other mums and sharing knowledge with experienced teachers, this is the baby class to choose!

If you miss your Daisy Birthing class sooooo much and want to share the vibe with your baby and tone your tummy at the same time, this is the class for you both!

What are we?

Just like our antenatal classes, Daisy Baby® really turns tradition on its head. Gone are the familiar infant massage or baby yoga routines, as we embrace an amazing class plan devised over 7 years of research, which really understands a baby's needs and what works in those early weeks.

We understand that in those first tentative weeks baby needs to be in your arms and in them quite a lot! By bringing together positive touch, baby yoga inspired movement, movement for mum and relaxation into one complete class with lots of opportunity to have babe in arms, mums find they are usually able to participate for longer and with more enjoyment! And when baby feels it is all too much, our beautiful white noise lullabies soothe them off to sleep.

Daisy Baby is all about Active Bonding (completely baby led of course).

It combines our much loved baby sun saluation routines, getting to know each other exercises, soft movements and relaxations for mum and baby, white noise exercises, social baby time, alongside vital education to help you understand the 4th trimester.

By delivering techniques which can really have a positive impact on sleep, colic, calming, mums well being, postnatal anxieties, all within a friendly and intimate group surrounding, mums feel more empowered, more energised and ready to face the world!

Our teachers come from a variety of backgrounds professionally but are all mums, so can talk firsthand about their experiences of bringing up baby! All are fully trained.

But what makes us truly different, is that this Tinies class is set to our own beautiful 1hr 30minute backing track designed to appeal to baby's sensory needs (especially written and produced by local composer and production company) to enable you to flow from segment to segment, pausing to enjoying lyrical cuddle time or sleepy time, even when baby isn't in the mood to participate actively.
Key Features

Our teaches are fully trained in IPTI approved infant massage, movement for baby plus having a variety of specialisms such as 'sleep consultant' and 'baby wearing consultant. This is far more than a traditional baby massage class however!

KEY BENEFITS INCLUDE: A completely natural and gentle step from Daisy Birthing to Daisy Baby with teachers, music and flow all feeling so familiar - like curling up in an armchair in your favourite pair of slippers!

We're accessible for all mums, not just the mums and babies suffering with colic!

We're fun ..... Our learning is serious yes, but our class is relaxing, refreshing and friendly.

We provide a community of like minded mums all wanting to talk about the positives of bringing up baby and celebrating all choices (all types of feeding, nappies, parenting attitudes are MOST WELCOME).

We're affordable with this combined education costing just £9 per week.

•Your baby won't need to lay on their back for extended periods in order to participate (so ideal for babies who need cuddles, or babies with reflux). It doesn't matter if baby cries .... and even when this happens our lovely calming techniques really tend to soothe them so quickly.
•Techniques can help common ailments like colic, reflux, tight neck (torticollis) and flat head

TO BOOK, EMAIL: / 07799411994

Only 54.00 for 6 classes

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  1. You are doing a good job. I think yoga and massage are more beneficial workout than other type of exercises for baby. My baby is one month old. I will contact you soon.